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The programming format I have been using in recent years is a themed multi-media one that includes an inter-active “Children’s Corner,” specifically designed to bring the children into the concert experience and develop their listening skills, as well as one that brings the non-traditional concert-goer into the musical experience by means of a projection of images created in response to live input from the piano.  The goal is to make ever more accessible the cultural heritage of great music to an ever-expanding audience. My experience in using this format and the feedback from audience members have been positive. I also like to program contemporary works.

In 2013 Claude Debussy was feted for his 150th year with two celebratory concerts of his music in multi-media, inter-active format. This program was performed and presented by four gifted students and myself. The first concert audience was primarily made up of ex-pats, students and families, and the commentary was in English. The second audience was mostly Chinese young people and was in Chinese.

In March 2012, two advanced students, Jeanette Chao and Yu Qing Ying, and I together performed “A Musical Offering” featuring music of Franz Liszt (Years of Pilgrimage/Switzerland) in multi-media format in Teda/Tianjin in honor of his 200th birthday year (1811). One concert was in English and another in Chinese.

In October 2010 the theme of my concert in the Tianjin Concert Hall (Tianjin, China) was “Kaleidoscope” and it was dedicated to three great composers who celebrated anniversaries in 2010, J.S. Bach (325th), Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann (200th).  Here’s the program list and two pictures. Check out the videos.

Italian Concerto J.S. Bach
Selections from Eight Memories in Watercolor Tan Dun
Selections from Children’s Corner Claude Debussy
Etude , op. 10 #11, Ballade , op. 47 Frederic Chopin
Carnaval , op. 9  Robert Schumann


In 2009, I performed a “Happy Birthday China” concert in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It was also a multi-media concert with an interactive children’s corner. Here are two pictures, an audience member’s blog about it and 2 video clips.

Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme Bach/Busoni

Sonata, op. 26 Ludwig van Beethoven


Selections from The Family of Dolls Heitor Villa-Lobos

Selections from Eight Memories in Watercolor Tan Dun

Berceuse Frederic Chopin

Feux d’Artifice Claude Debussy

Vallee d’Obermann Franz Liszt

from the Children’s Corner


“A Mozart Brithday Concert” –
a benefit concert for the  Teda Community Volunteer Service Organization at the Teda Renaissance Hotel auditorium  Teda/Tianjin, PRC


Other themed programs include:  (click on the graphics to enlarge)

Music of Many Times and Many Places

An Evening of “Classic” Entertainment in Inter-Active Format

What in the World has happened to Music in the 20th Century?


“Rhapsody in Blue” and its place in American Music

Master Works by Master Composers

FOCUS: American Music


Music in Pairs


我于2010年10月在天津音乐厅的音乐会主题是“万花筒”,旨在纪念三位伟大音乐家的诞辰,巴赫诞辰325周年,肖邦和舒曼诞辰200周年,下面是音乐会节目单和两张图片, 请点击查看

意大利协奏曲 约翰· 塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫

《八首水彩画的回忆》 选曲 谭盾

练习曲 作品10,第11首     肖邦

叙事曲 作品47     肖邦

狂欢节 作品9    罗伯特· 舒曼


2009年,为庆祝中国建国60周年, 我举办了“祝福中国”钢琴音乐会,同样也使用了多媒体和儿童互动。以下是两张图片,可以点击一位观众的博客 :

醒来吧 赫/布索尼改编                        

奏鸣曲 贝多芬

《娃娃家族组曲》 选曲     维拉·罗伯斯

《八首水彩画的回忆》 选曲      谭盾

摇篮曲 肖邦

焰火 德彪西

奥伯曼山谷 李斯特








其他的主题音乐会包括:   (English only – see above)

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